Membership & Identity
The Knights of St. Andrew generates membership for the Scottish Rite. Membership is limited to 32nd degree Freemasons and will abide by the Valley’s by-laws, and those approved by the Sovereign Grand Inspector General of each State.
The Knights of St. Andrew are identified by their flamboyant uniform and regalia; often entering special events accompanied by bagpipes and drums, becoming the elite unit of all Scottish Rite Masons.
Special Attire Distinguishes this Elite Group
Carefully researched for authenticity, the 17th Century bonnet, with its 3 cock feathers protruding from its Bonnet Badge as shown in (Fig. B & Fig. B-1), will replace the conventional 32nd degree black hat.
A Plaid selected to represent your local Valley will be worn diagonal on a cummerbund.

Those Awarded the decoration of K.C.C.H. and 33rd Degree



Manuals of the KSA

KSA Handbook
KSA Color Guard